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In Production

We Won't Pay

A 60min. documentary for world sales.

Since the inception of the plan to implement water charges in Northern Ireland, a dedicated group of people have been opposing these plans. Twice, as a result of the protests, the inception of the date for bills to drop through our doors has been postponed. We have been documenting the struggle since 2007.


Down The Falls

A 60min. documentary for world sales.

The Falls road is a famous and infamous landmark in the west of Belfast city. Known throughout the world as the focal point of the Irish conflict with Britain over the last half-century.

This ongoing project spans past to future whilst charting the changing face of the Falls area; its people and places. Recent years have seen major events; the demolition of Andersonstown Barracks and the withdrawal by the british army from the top of the ever-present Divis tower.

This project will come to fruition in 2012.

Being Ballycastle

5 part multi-platform documentary.

A little known gem on the coastline of North Antrim; conservation town Ballycastle is off the beaten track, but on the world radar with this new media project.

Charting the town's development into the 21st century we reveal the tenacious charm of a people with an eye on the future put with a firm sence of their cultural heritage. So far they've succeeded in the fight to keep out multi-national retailers like Tesco, and yet trade is as vibrant as the area's individual identity.


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