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Notasuch Films has a lengthy back catalogue of drama films, and longer form factual programming, with numerous feature films and documentary projects currently in development. Of the back Catalogue, drama film LLADIA, received a special award at the BAFTA / KODAK showcase in 2002.




You can watch The Burning of Bombay Street by clicking here.

The Burning of Bombay Street

30 minute Documentary for BBC, 2011.

40 years after the original news coverage, Paris based Journalist and film maker Lawrence Pitkethly returns to visit the residents of Belfast’s Bombay Street. This street become synonymous with the beginning of the recent conflict in northern Ireland when it was attacked and burned to the ground by a Loyalist mob in August 1969.


Visit The Old Road To Dublin website by clicking here.

Watch the entire The Old Road To Dublin film by clicking here.

The Old Road to Dublin

52 Minute Documentary supported by TRC Media.

A comedy road trip following three Belfast boys behaving badly on the B road to Dublin…stopping at every pub along the way!
It would be quicker to take the new high-speed motorway but where is the fun in that? Thirty years ago the drive from Belfast to Dublin was an event and David, Kris and Joe want to find out why?

You can watch Wee Bastards? by clicking here.

Wee Bastards?

16 Minute Short - premiered Belfast Film Festival 2009.

A shortform docudrama dealing with life on Belfast's streets... Lockies and his teenage gang do 'whatever they want' around the city, until a no-nonsence tv presenter gets in their way.

You can watch LEGEND'S END - GEORGE BEST'S LAST DAY by clicking here.

Legend's End - George Best's Last Day,2006

4 minute short film, premiered on MORE 4 on Tues 18th July, 2006.

A short vignette from the point of view of a member of the public as the day of Saturday 3rd December 2005 dawns over Belfast and George Best, the legend, is buried in his hometown.

Commissioning Editor, 3 minute wonders, Channel 4 said…

"The first FourDoc to bring a tear to my eye. Just very clever and simple really. The Super 8 film suited the subject matter so perfectly, and the nostalgic 60s feel made you feel that it was compiled from archive footage rather than the present, which suited the subject so very well - it made it feel historic, important and sad. The music and old fashioned caption cards were also intrinsic to this feeling and worked harmoniously. A fitting tribute!"


The Linnet, 2006

13 minute short film for Cinema and Television. Screened at Cannes and LA film festivals, 2006. Broadcast scheduled for RTE1, October 2007.

A tale of the good, the bad and a bird…

Birdwatching softie Patrick adores his only friend, Melanie. When her boyfriend Bill starts to get jealous, a little bird comes magically to the rescue.

You can watch The Linnet by clicking here.

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Movie Mavericks, 2005

A 40min. documentary for BBC Northern Ireland.

Ebullient twin brothers Noel and Roy Spence have been making films for over fifty years; with subjects ranging from crafty leprehauns, space creatures, Rockabilly Rebels, Frankenstein's monster and the Blob: This is the story of their lives through their films.

You can watch Movie Mavericks by clicking here.

The Films Of The Spence Brothers, 2005

A 60 min. review for BBC Northern Ireland.

Presenter Joe Lindsay introduces and analyses three short films by the Spence Brothers; 'The Wishing Stone', 'Phase One' and 'Brady's Bargain'.

Noiseniks, 2005

A 3 min. pop promo for new band.

A 3 minute groovy slick promo reel for young progressive rockers 'the noiseniks' new track 'Sweet Smell of the innocents'. Using multiple image formats including the retro Kodak k40 super 8 stock, the promo has been featured on BBC youth programmes and screened at Belfast's Queen's Film Theatre.

You can watch LLADIA by clicking here.

Lladia, 2001

11 minute short film for Cinema and Television aftersales. Screened on NVTV.

A story of love, hypocrisy and the classroom. Teenager Lladia has a crush on her French teacher, John Reid. Her friend Louise tries to discourage this infatuation - as she already knows a thing or two about older men.

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You can watch Once Again by clicking here

Once Again, 1998

10 minute short film for Cinema and Television. Screened on BBC Choice NI.

A harrowing brief encounter between Steve and Julie after 15 years. Old sores are opened and secrets revealed.

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You can watch Weatherman by clicking here


Weatherman, 1996

9 minute short film for Cinema and BBCNI Television. Screened on BBC Choice NI.

A hilarious slapstick satire. Mild mannered Robert the gardener's tomatoes are threatened by his nasty neighbour, the T.V. weatherman. But Robert doesn't take it lying down!

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You can watch Mister Motor by clicking here

Mr Motor, 1995

5 minute short film for Cinema and Television. Screened on RTE.

A day in the life of a man who thinks he is a car.

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