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Feature Film

Belfast Story

Jimmy Mackle is homeless and addicted to alcohol. Even when he tries to be a good citizen he appears disruptive and is set upon by police, social workers and hostel staff. Gloria Sheehan is a recovering victim of a teenage group assault in the inner city: She has just about overcome her fear of public places after six months. John Magill is a television presenter who seems to have it all - but he and his wife can't have kids and he's just become the victim of a violent burglary.

Gloria, Jimmy and John's stories coincide in search of a social justice. A justice that, sadly, isn't easy for them to find. But, each individual eventually triumphs in the face of adversity, if only in their own quiet way.

The Blackpool Tarl

'Tarl' Lloyd, organist and entertainer, returns to his hometown, Belfast, after a year in Blackpool. Bored after a few weeks, he flies to Paris in search of a lap-dancer he met near Blackpool's North peir. He goes missing at the metro station near Paris's Bir-Hakeim area and after six months without a dickiebird his brother Harry, who rarely leaves west Belfast, is dispatched by their domineering mother to go in search of him…

Fire and Ice

25 year-old Belfast bricklayer, Geoff, steals the money to take his cancer stricken girlfriend, Nathalie, off to Iceland to sail with the whales. But thieving from thieves creates bother back home…

This little town

Teenage underdog, John, finds a portal between west Belfast and the banks of the Seine in Paris. There he finds the girl of his dreams, saves her life and comes home a hero.


Bobby's Words

As a Celebration of the life and personal philosophy of Bobby Sands: 'Bobby's words' sees internationally prominent individuals read the poems, stories, diaries and sing the songs that Bobby Sands wrote whilst incarcerated in sub-human conditions at Her Majesty's pleasure. The narrative of his life story is woven through and between the recitations in this feature length documentary.

Gay Police

A year in the life of 6 gay officers from different parts of the UK and Ireland. An insight into their work, how they are treated by colleagues, perceived by the general public, how their lives unfold inside and outside of the job, and how this reflects the changing face of our society.


The Traveling community has existed on the margins of our society for centuries. They have distinct cultural practices - involving superstition, early marriage and an innate nomadicism. An estimated 21,000 Travellers currently live in Ireland. They reside in caravans and are frowned on by the public at large. Why?

The Belfast Hare Krishna

They look like Shaolin monks, and are often seen dancing or selling booklets in the city centre. Their aims are to promote the necessity of spiritual unity, peace and a simple, natural way of life. How at harmony are we with their presence in our society?


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